The purpose of the L&L Party is to restore our Republic to its Constitutional foundation, thereby reasserting our Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

We are a party firmly centered on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.  

We are a party of the People, by the People and for the People within the legal framework of our Constitutional Republic..



Without Life, there is no Liberty!  We Affirm ALL innocent human life from conception to natural death.  

We oppose abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, the militarization of law enforcement and unauthorized military interventions.  

We support healthcare freedom.  We support the freedom to choose alternative health treatments.  We do not believe that anyone should be forced against their will to accept a specific treatment plan or modality, such as chemotherapy, vaccination or surgery.

We support rational stewardship of the Earth's resources.  We support conservationism, habitat restoration and remediation.



Without Liberty, Life is intolerable bondage.  Live Free or Die!  

We oppose unconstitutional licenses, user fees, permits and taxes.  

Eliminate so-called "Free Speech" zones.  

We would end the War On Drugs as a failed unconstitutional usurpation of individual and states' rights.  

End the Prison/Industrial complex.  

The Bill of Rights are natural human rights recognized by law to be protected by all levels of our government.  They are not rights given to us by government and therefore, can't be taken away by government.

Codified into the supreme law of our land, they are natural rights recognized to be inherent in every individual person.

The protection of these rights is the legitimate purpose of government.  It is expressly forbidden and unlawful for any level of our government to instead trample, usurp or infringe upon any of them!

We have a natural right as human beings to defend ourselves, our families, our property and local communities. ALL efforts to restrict or control arms or other tools of defense are therefore unlawful infringements upon our people's natural human rights to self-protection and preservation.

Citizenship & Borders


Only Citizens of majority age should be allowed to vote.  Those who should have a familiarity with our language, culture, history and traditions..

All nations have the right to secure borders.

Free, Fair, Equal and Verifiable Elections & Campaign Finance Reform


All citizens of majority have the right to vote.  Non-citizens do not have the right to vote here.  We call for the diligent oversight of the entire election process.  This includes a transparent verifiable paper trail and chain of custody for ballots.  Also, local precinct hand counts and other safeguards, as required.  

Ballot Access is an increasingly important area to address.  Rather than getting better, the entreched parties have doubled down on enacting ever more restrictive ballot access laws..  These are mostly unconstitutional and certainly undermine our Republic.  We fervently advocate repeal of all restrictive ballot access laws across the nation which discriminate, intimidate and dissuade citizens from actively participating in their own government, contrary to what our founders intended.    

Campaign finance reform is imperative as we move forward in our efforts to restore our Republic.

The Rule of Law


We recognize and defend the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence as our foundational social contract.  We understand the Constitution as a document that outlines pre-existing human rights, while limiting the encroachment of government power over individuals, local communities and states.  We staunchly uphold the Rule of Law, and Equal Protection under the law.  There must be Due Process.  We oppose Red Flag Laws that circumvent Due Process.

We oppose the proliferation of Executive Orders, and call upon both the House & Senate to reassert Congressional prerogatives.  This will go far in Restoring our Republic.

We oppose Judicial Activism, and any usurpation and overreach by any of the three branches of the Federal Government, as well as in relations between the Federal Government and the various States.  

We call upon all citizens to be activists, witnesses and vocal advocates for transparent and accountable Constitutional Government at all levels.  This is essential in the Restoration of our Republic.

International Trade & Diplomacy must follow established protocols and treaties.  We advocate for the renegotiation or withdrawal from all international agreements and bodies which compromise our sovereignty or which act contrary to our Constitution and Laws, or the best interests of our people and nation.